Minimise Me- a fun place to go and create a mini you!! Click on "Create a Character">use the features options on the left (eyes, mouth, hair, etc.) to create your mini you. Many features have several options so make sure you click on the "next" button to see all of them! You can also use the tools on the avatar model to move and change the features. When the color palette is highlighted that means you can pick a color-- such as hair color, eye color, etc. When you are finished click on the "preview and download your character" tab (on the right side)>then click the "help with download" tab NOT the download your character tab>a new screen will open and click on the "save this character" tab. Your minimize me JPEG file will download to your computer. On most computers it will download to your desktop.

Unique Character- this application will help you create either a boy or girl avatar. Follow the steps to create your character and when you are finished click on the "Save Character" button. Your character will download to your computer. On most computers it will download to your desktop.

Dopple Me- On the home page click on the tab that says, "Click here to create your first avatar" link> chose your gender, hair and eye color> click on the "next" tab. Click the tabs on the left to continue creating and adding features to your avatar. Please note that any feature that is "grayed out" will not work. When your avatar is finished click on the "I'm done" tab. Disregard the page that asks for information and simply left click on the completed picture and click on "save image as" and it will save to your computer. Remember you will need to know where you saved it so you can upload to change your wiki avatar

Otaku- to create your Avatar you click on the body part links on the top of the page and then make your selection from those available. You will see the changes to your Avatar in the left hand corner. When finished you simply click on the Avatar and "Save Image As". You can also use the Randomizer link to create a random Avatar.

Portrait Icon Maker- this is very similar to Otaku, but with different creating options.

My Avatar Editor- a fun generator that allows you to create an Avatar similar to the characters on the Wii!! Use the toolbar at the bottomt o change the facial features. To save your avatar to your computer click on "Export" and then save it as a JPEG. This link will bring you to the written "how to" guide.